After listening to today’s episode of Connected, I want to throw out my guesses for what Apple’s laptop line will look like if this new rumored 13” MacBook Air comes out.


After hearing the rumors, I think the 12” MacBook will stick around and the new laptop will be called the 13” MacBook. While this is closer in screen size than the 11 and 13” MacBook Airs were, I think the differentiator will be the thickness and power. If Apple is going to use the chip class of the Air and MacBook Escape, they can’t possibly do that in the thin body of the current MacBook. But I think they need to keep the current sized MacBook around for people whose primary need is something small and light.

MacBook Pro

Speaking of the MacBook Escape, I think this is the computer that goes away. This leaves the Pro line of MacBooks with only the 13” and 15” models with Touchbar. It seems like the Escape was Apple’s attempt to replace the Air, and it hasn’t succeeded. If this new 13” model fills that space, why would the Escape need to exist?

This is all of course conjecture. I really just want to be able to say I was right on the off chance I turn out to be come June.

Craig McClellan @craigmcclellan