🎵 Ruston Kelly - Dying Star

One of my all time favorite albums. I hadn’t listened in awhile, but heard one of the songs this week. The full album has been on repeat ever since.


🎵 The Arcadian Wild - Principium

I just picked this album up again after a few months, and it blew me away all over. Amazing storytelling and musicianship.

🎵 I don’t know that I could ever pick my favorite Christmas song, but Whitney Houston’s version of Do You Hear What I Hear? just came up on shuffle, and is bringing me a ton of joy as I finish of my last day of work for the year.



OneRepublic - Didn’t I

The Killers - Caution

Music has a way of calming me down in a way I need right now. Two of my all time favorites have new singles out today, and they’re freaking great. I hope they make you as happy as they’re making me as I work from home today.

🎵 Jonas Brothers - What a Man Gotta Do

JoBros bringing another bop.

That’s what the kids would say, right?

🎵 Hamilton - Original Broadway Cast Recording

Listening to the Hamilton Cast Recording for the first time in several months while I work today. Over 4 years since its release, it still gets me every time.


🎵 Harry Styles - Juice (Lizzo cover) in the Live Lounge

Everything about this performance makes me happy.

All Apple Music Replay (or @viticci’s Apple Music Wrapped shortcut) tells me is that my children were obsessed with Descendants in 2019.

🎵 Paramore - Riot!

Going back to this album while getting some admin work done at my desk today. Probably one of my all time favorites.

🎵 Wilder Woods - Wilder Woods

Internet, I’m angry you didn’t share this album with me sooner. It is 🔥.

🎵 John Mayer - The Search for Everything

It isn’t my favorite album of Mayer’s (that would be Continuum), but this album is speaking a lot of joy for me at my desk on this Friday afternoon.

🎵 The Band CAMINO - tryhard

My current favorite band has a new record out. Who needs Taylor Swift?

🎵 Honest - The Band CAMINO

How this band manages to put out such consistently fantastic pop/rock music, I don’t know. They are easily one of my favorite bands out there right now.

As one of the biggest John Mayer fans around, I continually try to listen to Dead and Company to understand why people enjoy The Dead and hear more of John’s playing.

Several years into this experiment, I still don’t understand the appeal. At. All.