• I’ve tried all the popular notes apps with linking, and keep coming back to Apple Notes. With this addition in iOS 17, I may be done with other apps forever. I just hope you can see a list of back links inside a note.

    Screenshot of Apple's iOS 17 features page showing Notes will add note linking.
  • Home from a week at the beach. Vacation isn’t super restful when these 3 are involved, but we had a ton of fun. Dance parties, dolphin tours, and bike rides. So glad we could make the memories together.

    3 children digging in the sand on the beach
  • I was already ordering some inks from Dromgoole’s, and threw this one in on a whim after hearing @brad talk about it on an episode of The Pen Addict. Again, my photography skills don’t show it off, but I may have a new favorite ink, especially paired with the rose gold pen.

    Writing Sample: Wearingeul Dracula, Twsbi Smoke/Rose Gold M Nib
  • When a Buc-ee’s opens just a few miles from your house, your family can make a Friday night out of visiting for the first time.

    My family wandering the aisles of Buc-ee’s.
  • 🖋️Yesterday, I received one of my grail pens. I had a major work milestone in January, and planned for months to celebrate by ordering this pen. Everything about the experience was perfect. From phone calls with the owner on nib tuning to its appearance and how it sits in my hand. I’m in love.

    Kanilea Lewa Lani Fountain Pen laying over a sheet of paper that says “Kanliea Lewa Lani Classic Flush, Gold Trim (F), Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo.”
  • 🖋️Forgot to post my last Atlanta Pen Show Pen! This is a bad picture of a gorgeous pen from the folks at Hinze Pens. My dad and I got matching ones. Mixed with a brown shimmer ink, this thing is incredible. Look at that nib!

  • 🖋️Another ATL Pen Show Acquisition. Not a new pen, but a new nib grind and ink. The grind and ink took this pen from one I liked to one I love. It’s Mark Bacas’s version of a Naginata Togi nib, and it is my first specialty grind. I absolutely love it.

    Nahvalur Nautilus Fountain Pen
  • 🖋️Next Atlanta Pen Show purchase. I’ve seen pictures of Vanishing Points, but never got the appeal. Seeing them in person, I was immediately drawn to this (hard to photograph) Blue Matte. I’ve read @brad raving about this ink for years, so I had to try it. I love the subdued pen/bright ink combo!

    Pilot Vanishing Point Pen and Akkerman 28 Ink
  • 🖋️Atlanta Pen Show Haul items 2 & 3. This is a great example of why shows are great. I wanted to try this nib and an Estie badly. As soon as I walked up to the Kenro booth, this finish called my name, and the nib is great. And this ink! It’s like a shimmery Shin-kai (maybe a shade lighter).

    Fountain pen
  • 🖋️The first thing I purchased at the Atlanta Pen Show is this gorgeous Charlotte model from Jonathon Brooks’s Carolina Pen Company. I’ve admired his resins for years and am so proud to have this in my collection. The Auburn colors sealed the deal. He was nice enough to ink it up for me as well.

    Fountain Pen
  • 🖋️Amazing day at the Atlanta Pen Show. I will make sure to post my haul later today, but for now I want to thank @brad for always being so gracious with his time to everyone in this community.

  • 20 years ago, in the same Atlanta arena, a 16 year old Craig went to his first John Mayer concert. Tonight was my 15th, and probably favorite. 100% solo, and a celebration of songs that have been my life’s soundtrack.

    John Mayer on Stage
  • 🖋️I shared yesterday’s post because I knew today would be New Pen Day! I wanted to share the context of visiting the store in Europe.

    This is a Casa della Stilografica exclusive Leonardo Furore Flame Grande. It’s number 29/43, and comes with Leonardo Arancio ink. It’s a perfect Craig pen.

  • 🖋️My favorite pen. Purchased when my wife and I were in Florence Italy last December from the amazing Casa della Stilografica. It pairs so beautifully with Yama Budo. An amazing memory saved in a beautiful pen.

    Leonardo Momento Zero Fountain Pen
  • Just arrived for a few days vacation in the north GA mountains, and already making the most of it.

    Family playing in a mountain creek
  • I know many people have done a lock for the photo logging challenge today with a theme like secure, but I just installed this Schlage Encode Plus, and wanted to show it off.

    Now if only I could get the HomeKit connection working.

    Schlage Encode Plus smart deadbolt
  • 🖋️Finding the perfect ink to pair with a pen feels like magic. I’m particularly fond of this pairing. Purple and orange with a killer orange ink in one pen? The ultimate Craig pen.

    Now if only I could get better at product photography.

    Fountain Pen and Paper
  • My daughter asked me to do this Art Hub for Kids video with her. Of course I had to do it in Linea Sketch on my iPad. For a non-artist, I’m proud. We had a lot of fun together, too.

  • Hello! 😍😍😍

  • 🖋️ New Pen Day!

  • Never taken all 3 pets to the vet at the same time before. It’s going about as well as you would expect. This is the best picture I could get in the chaos.

  • 🦅 Neville Arena with a pretzel in my hand? It must be Auburn University gymnastics season. Love being here with my wife and kids watching these incredible athletes.

  • 🖋️ If you followed me before my return to blogging last month, you probably read about my love of digital task managers. A desire to slow down during COVID led me to a new love of stationary and bullet journaling. My A5 sized plotter now runs my life.

    Notebook and fountain pen on desk
  • I really like it here in Austin. Glad I get to come out so much for work.

  • 🖋️Final photo of Penmas. I’m having trouble capturing how pretty this pen is in the light at my mom’s house. This is the Pen Addict 15th Anniversary Benu Euphoria, and it is gorgeous. Had to ink it up with some PA/Robert Oster Fire on Fire.

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