Review: Yoink Adds Support for Latest Mojave and iOS 12 Features – MacStories

Yoink for iOS has added Siri shortcuts too. You can view items stored on one of your iOS devices, move items from your device’s clipboard to Yoink, copy the most recent item or the most recent item of a particular type (such as an image, PDF, URL, text, etc.) to the clipboard, and download files linked with a URL to Yoink. As with any Siri shortcut, Yoink’s can be assigned a trigger phrase to be used via voice or used as standalone actions that are incorporated into custom shortcuts created with Apple’s Shortcuts app.

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I’ve always liked Yoink’s UI more than Gladys’s, but Gladys’s functionality won hands down. I’m excited to give this app another go.

Craig McClellan @craigmcclellan