Thoughts on New iPad Hardware at WWDC

Apple blogs and podcasts are all predicting new iPad Pros released next week at WWDC. While I would love for this to happen and will be first in line to get an iPhone X style iPad, I don’t think we’re going to get them for 2 reasons.

First, there’s the lack of leaks. While this is not a perfect indicator due to Apple’s increased focus on privacy, I still find it hard to believe they’ve come so far since the massive leaks surrounding iPhone X last fall. I feel like we would have seen supply chain leaks of form factors for new iPads with no bezels if they are coming. This suggests either the new iPad Pros will just be a speed bump to include the A11X processor with no form factor change or new form factors won’t be released until the fall.

The other factor which makes me think not until the fall is Face ID. Currently on iPhone X, Face ID only works in portrait mode. For an iPad which is rotated far more than an iPhone, facial recognition in both orientations is a necessity. This seems to me like a feature that would come to iOS in a major .0 update rather than say iOS 11.5. I also don’t think they would release iPads with this feature and not add it to iPhone X. So my thought is multi-orientation Face ID will be announced as part of iOS 12 next week. Then in September when new iPhones are announced, new iPad Pros will also be announced that take advantage of this feature.

This is just a guess, and I really hope to be proven wrong. However I wanted to put it out into the world just for the bragging rights just in case.

Craig McClellan @craigmcclellan