Like many nerds around the world Friday, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the Star Wars Episode IX Trailer to drop. I was not disappointed.

After Palpatine’s sinister laugh hit fans' ears at the end of the trailer, the internet is of course ablaze with theories, including time travel, about how he will be brought back into the storyline. While I doubt the time travel theory will play out, I’m less concerned about how Palpatine will return. I’m just pleased he will.

When you think about the “Skywalker Saga”, Palpatine is a central figure. The prequels are almost as much about his ascent to power as Anakin’s transformation to Vader. Then, in the latest run of Darth Vader comics1, we learn that Palpatine was responsible for manipulating the Force to cause Anakin’s immaculate conception. The rise of the Skywalker family in the Force comes from Palpatine. An ending to this family’s storyline feels like it needs to have him involved as well.

Is it December 20 yet?

  1. Which are incredible by the way. ↩︎