Updates to My Post to Micro.blog With Categories Drafts Script

Back in January I shared a post linking to a Drafts Action to post to your Micro.blog hosted blog and assign categories to the post.

About once a month, someone reaches out to me with an issue with the script not recognizing their saved Micro.blog token, and not working. I had never run into the issue myself as I run two different, custom versions that allow me to save the credentials both for this blog, and @theclassnerd.

I have however figured out what the problem is, and have updated the script. You can download it from the same place on the Drafts Action Directory. Thanks to how the Action Directory works, the links in my original post all still work and go to the updated script.

For any nerds curious what the problem was, it was in how Drafts handles credentials.

Long before I shared my post with categories script, Matt Birchler had created a script for posting to your blog that also used Drafts’s Credential storage system. He saved this particular credential to Drafts with the title App Token.

var credential = Credential.create("Micro.blog", "Manton Reece's Micro.blog blogging platform");
credential.addPasswordField("apptoken", "App Token");

var appToken = credential.getValue("apptoken");

When I created my script, I called the same value a “Micro.blog token” instead. If someone had already installed and saved their credential using Matt’s script, it would sometimes cause an error because the naming wasn’t the same.

So I have changed my script to now use the App Token naming instead of Micro.blog.

I would love to have some people test this out and see if it solves the issues. I can’t do so personally because of the aforementioned custom credential system. If you have my old script installed, delete it, install the new one, and run it. Let me know if it works.

As always, I hope this helps people post to their own blog more easily.

Craig McClellan @craigmcclellan