When the first Theme System Journals were released, I bought one because I like Myke and Grey. I wanted to be part of the community around Cortex participating in yearly themes, and I’m a sucker for systems to make me feel more productive. But I had trouble making it stick, and then covid hit. My initial theme (I don’t even remember what it was), went out the door. I was in survival mode. I eventually tried again sometime in 2021 with the same journal, but still couldn’t make a habit of it.

Eventually, I gave up, and recycled my journal (I know, I know). It was taking up room on my desk, and wasn’t being used.

I journal every day in my bullet journal, so I just didn’t need something else.

Over the last couple months, as I started to evaluate certain areas of my life, I noticed commonalities between things I wanted to change. A theme if you will. These were all big enough areas I knew I was going to have to be intentional about tracking and managing these areas.

There was not a question about how I was going to do this tracking. I ordered a new Theme System Journal. This also meant I got the updated V2 version of the notebook (which even after just my initial setup feels significantly nicer).

Since the micro.blog community has several folks who share their themes, I thought I would post mine to have some community around my theme.

So without further ado, my theme for the year is:

The Year of Adele Dazeem (aka Let it Go)

I live my life trying to tightly control everyone and everything around me. It brings stress, and harms relationships. This year, I want to just let it go.

I’m focusing on 6 areas.

  1. Spiritual Health - Trust God with my needs more, and rely less on myself.
  2. Mental Health - Let go of my phone & social media. Read more books.
  3. Family Health - Let go of small things & don’t get so angry with my kids.
  4. Social Health - Let go of Covid hang ups & say yes to more social opportunities
  5. Work Health - Let go of some growth goals for now & focus energy more on my family
  6. Physical Health - Let go of some extra body fat

So there you go. My theme for 2023. We’ll see how it goes and if I can stay consistent with the journal. But I’m excited about trying it out. After I use it for a few weeks, I may post how I use the journal’s pages and boxes. For now though, I hope I’m leaving you with Let it Go stuck in your head.