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How is the Springboard in the 11.1 Beta? I’m getting really tired of stuff like this.

When teenagers think it’s funny to vandalize an elementary school playground. 🤦🏻‍♂️😡

I backed the Panobook from Studio Neat on Kickstarter, and got shipment notification today. Can’t. Wait.

Inspired by @mattbirchler, I’ve added my own Tools of Choice page to The Class Nerd.

I am sorry to those whose only experience with Christians is this. I can assure you that nothing in the Bible makes me think Jesus would have tweeted (or really done anything) like Trump.

I usually use my Apple Pencil with my 10.5” iPad which has Promotion. I just tried it on my 1st Gen 12.9” Pro while the smaller one charged, and what used to seem like minimal latency now seems almost unusable. Promotion really is amazing.

While attempting to help my uncle with his iPhone today, I discovered it is possible to use one for 3 years without an Apple ID.

The longer OneDrive and the Office suite go without an iOS 11 update, the sadder I get.

Replaced the Apple Pencil I broke last week. My 10.5” iPad Pro feels complete again.

The features added in today’s watchOS 4.1 beta have me more excited than 4.0 did.

If you like true crime podcasts, my wife and I just binged the entirety of Dirty John in 24 hours.

Turns out attending a football game gets my heart up.

Win or lose, rain or shine, I love a Saturday on the plains (but please win and don’t rain). War Eagle.

Anyone else’s Series 3 Watch just not sending messages sometimes?

If you haven’t been listening to Constitutional, the most recent episode was crazy interesting.

I just realized how incredibly tiny the font on The Class Nerd looks on an iPhone. I will be fixing that ASAP.

Note: Dropping an iPad Pro while the Apple Pencil is in the lightning port does not turn out well for the pencil. 😭

Apparently my local Papa John’s is being renovated so my takeout order is coming out of this thing today. That’s fine except I have an awkward 10 minute wait standing by a trailer.

This week I’m going to run an experiment and use Apple Mail as my primary email client instead of Airmail on iOS. Airmail has such great features, but is so buggy. Hoping Apple Mail can handle my email client needs.

Since becoming a parent, this and after bedtime on DVR are the only ways I can watch Auburn football.