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“Daddy, can we watch Star Wars?”

Yes baby girl. Always yes.

The cats are loving the tree.

The Muppet Christmas Carol has been my favorite Christmas movie since I was a little kid. I’m trying to watch it with my kids this morning. We’ll see what happens.

I just tapped on the document title in Pages out of habit, and it’s actually letting me rename the file again! When did that feature come back?

Field trip to Nashville’s Adventure Science Center.

Tweets like this are part of why I published last night’s article.

While I was already writing on my blog, I decided to update my Tools of Choice page as well.

Turns out, a 3.5 and 2-year-old make getting a tree decorated way more difficult. It’s finally up though!

Vending machines that take Apple Pay are the greatest things on the planet.


I feel like Apple Pay Cash could have used a lot more beta testing. It’s working on my 10.5” iPad and nothing else.

I’m really proud of this picture from my class’s field trip to the Belmont Women’s Basketball game last week.

Alabama got in? 🤦🏻‍♂️ I am cheering hard for Clemson now.

As sweet as a win today would have been, we won the SEC West and beat Bama. War Eagle always.

Ran into this guy.

Field trip to my alma mater for a basketball game? Yes please.

2 weeks until The Last Jedi 😁

Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin have a new podcast telling stories behind songs. The first episode is about Eminem’s Walk on Water, and it’s fantastic.

If you follow me and have a Mac running High Sierra, for your security, read this iMore article and follow its directions. There is a major security flaw in macOS, and there’s an easy fix until Apple makes one.

Few things are as annoying to me as Amazon‘s add-on items. Let me pay shipping instead of just not letting me buy it.