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I totally forgot I had submitted a question to Ask MPU weeks ago, and was delighted to get an answer this week. Thanks @macsparky and @KatieFloyd!

Season 2 of Star Wars Forces Of Destiny has brought my new favorite episode.

📽 Having now watched The Last Jedi’s bonus feature documentary, I have less idea how it’s even possible a movie of that scale gets made than I did before watching.

As part of a 2nd grade economics unit, my students had to write an opinion piece on the quality of a Black Panther toy commercial. One of my students said:

I thought it was cool because it had a boy and a girl in it (I’m a girl so I’m happy that a girl is in the commercial) so I don’t feel left out.

Representation matters to kids. I can always do a better job with selecting diverse stories to read in class, and this is a good reminder of why it’s important to do that.

School was dismissed early for bad weather, so I’m hiding in my wife’s home office trying to grade some papers. Love having rubrics as PDFs in PDF Expert.

The crazy thing is, everyone in our family bracket is doing so poorly, it’s still anyone’s game. 🏀

After the Auburn win, I didn’t expect March Madness to feel so bad on night 2.

Since everyone seems to be in a home screen sharing mood tonight.

Auburn kept it closer than I would have liked, but it was a good game. War Eagle.

I left my phone charger at my grandmother’s house last weekend, and while we have plenty of them in the house, I’m using this as an excuse to order my first Qi charger. I’m interested to see if I’ll like it or not.

Daring Fireball: The Information on What Went Wrong With Siri

The gist of The Information’s story is that Siri has existed for seven years without cohesive leadership or product vision, and the underlying technology is a mishmash of various systems that don’t work well together.

No one commenting on Siri’s quality is discussing that Siri was moved under Craig Federighi’s supervision just 6 months ago. I’m hoping this leads to much more cohesive leadership and product vision, and will be what is laid out for us at WWDC this year.

After listening to today’s episode of Connected, I want to throw out my guesses for what Apple’s laptop line will look like if this new rumored 13” MacBook Air comes out.


After hearing the rumors, I think the 12” MacBook will stick around and the new laptop will be called the 13” MacBook. While this is closer in screen size than the 11 and 13” MacBook Airs were, I think the differentiator will be the thickness and power. If Apple is going to use the chip class of the Air and MacBook Escape, they can’t possibly do that in the thin body of the current MacBook. But I think they need to keep the current sized MacBook around for people whose primary need is something small and light.

MacBook Pro

Speaking of the MacBook Escape, I think this is the computer that goes away. This leaves the Pro line of MacBooks with only the 13” and 15” models with Touchbar. It seems like the Escape was Apple’s attempt to replace the Air, and it hasn’t succeeded. If this new 13” model fills that space, why would the Escape need to exist?

This is all of course conjecture. I really just want to be able to say I was right on the off chance I turn out to be come June.


I’d say it was a successful birthday

I just came home to find my wife listening to music through our Bose Soundlink Mini set right next to our HomePod.

Even though the HomePod has Apple Music and we have a family account, it can’t access her personalized playlists. She also hates Airplay because of the delay. So for now, she refuses to use the HomePod.

While I love the HomePod for me, in fact, I would love several mini HomePods around the house, the main issue I have is the multi-person support.

My wife and I have a shared grocery list in Reminders that she can’t access when I’m not home. Our Echo Dot can via IFTTT.

I’m all in on HomePod. I just wish my family could be too.

Congratulations to @fraserspeirs and @bradleychambers on their final episode of Out of School. 240 episodes of an amazing EdTech resource. Well done.


On Tuesday, my sweet grandfather, Gordon Craig, passed away. He was a month shy of his 90th birthday, and was one of the kindest, funniest men I’ve ever met. I’m lucky to have been his grandson, and that I can carry his name in mine.

I’m proud to say I also received the teaching gene from him and my grandmother. Both taught in their small town school, and Grandpa was also a basketball coach and principal. He retired right around when I was born though, so I never got to experience what he was like in that role.

Last night we had his visitation, and I was amazed as literally hundreds of former students came to honor my Grandpa. There were legitimate class reunions happening in the chapel. Each of them spoke to me and shared the impact my grandparents both had on their lives. One man even said to me “Mr. Craig was a legend around here.”

I’m so thankful for the life my Grandpa lived, the lives he touched, the legacy he leaves, and most of all that he is with Jesus today and no longer suffering. I pray that I can be a fraction of the man, teacher, and legend he was.

#Dubs and #BabyP - Craig & Laura, et. al.

My wife wrote this 2 years ago today on our foster care blog. By the grace of God those little girls are still with us today, and I’m more smitten with them than ever.

🎵 Sean McConnell - Ghost Town

I’m back in my hometown and at my grandparents’ house this week for my grandfather’s funeral. I haven’t been able to spend much time at either lately, and this song has been playing in my head the whole time I’ve been here.


While back in my home town tonight, I drove by the house I grew up in and my high school for the first time in a few years.

Every time I’m back home in Atlanta, I wonder how it’s possible for traffic to get even worse than the last time I was here.