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4 episodes into Altered Carbon and I’ve seen a lot of disturbing stuff, but the most disturbing was the guy from Convos with My 2-year-old getting straight up shot in the head.

My favorite animal at the Nashville Zoo. I could stay at this exhibit for hours if my small children would let me.

A Series of Questions for Those That Advocate Arming Teachers In Order to Prevent Innocent Children from Being Slaughtered — Liss is More

I am a teacher, and I approve this message.

Watching “Coco” for the first time. As a guitar player, I appreciate the effort they went through to make it look like Miguel is actually playing the correct chords.

Cold, rainy Saturday at Topgolf.

So proud of my students giving their Black History Month presentations today. We loved celebrating the contributions of these great Americans.

I very rarely buy music anymore. When I do, it’s usually from a local artist I want to support with more than my Apple Music subscription.

Recently, I was given a few physical CDs as a gift. While I don’t like to keep physical discs, if I actually own an album, I don’t want to just add it in Apple Music in case I ever cancel my subscription. Obviously I would be fine with music I receive through a subscription service going away if I cancel that subscription. However, I’m not ok with having to repurchase music I actually own.

So tonight I dug out a USB CD drive, connected it to my wife’s MacBook Pro, and ripped CDs into iTunes for the first time in years…

It might be easier to just buy those albums on iTunes if I cancel Apple Music than ever repeating this process again.

🎵 The incomparable Sandra McCracken has a new album out today. Songs from the Valley

2nd Grade Teacher life on the night before Valentine’s Day.

God’s generosity does not dry up the moment we become a Christian. It continues to flow inexhaustibly into our lives.

Sam Allberry - James For You

I finally had a few minutes to try to write a script for Drafts 5 that adds items to Things 3 using their upcoming automation features (currently in beta). This is more proof of concept because I haven’t decided what I need to automate yet, but I love the possibilities.

“Daddy, I wanna help you work.”

🎵 Sleeping at Last - Atlas: Three If you want to see what it’s like to be me, listen to this song.

Things I had last time this was an issue: an iPhone with a headphone jack. This is the first time that has come back to bite me.

I somehow left home without my briefcase this morning. Instead of living the multipad lifestyle today, it seems I’ll be running my class from my iPhone X and an old Dell laptop. Fortunately it’s not the first time this has happened. I’m not concerned.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy with my technology setup and workflows as I am right now. That said, if Apple released an iPhone X style iPad Pro, I would sell a kidney to get one if needed.

New iPad wallpaper.

Wish granted. 🙌

🏈 Tonight I’m rooting for there to be a trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” during the commercials. 🎥

2 Years

Today we celebrate what my wife is calling our 2nd annual “Family Day.” On this day, 2 years ago, these girls were brought to us to foster. As we did last year, we went and got donuts.

As seems to be the case with many big days, somehow they end up being harder. There’s been a lot of crying and arguments between the girls today, but we wouldn’t trade it.

Today isn’t even significant to them. They’re so young and have been with us so long they don’t know any different. It is to us though.

I’m praying that this is the last Family Day where we don’t know what the future will hold for our status as a family. The last one where I can’t share their beautiful faces with you. The last one where we don’t share a last name.

I’m thankful for 2 years being Daddy to these amazing girls. Here’s to many many more.