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Father’s Day coffee and chocolate milk date with my oldest while Mommy and the youngest nap.

Being Daddy to these two is the best. I’m proud to be their father on this Father’s Day.

The bad news is I had to reset my iPad from scratch. The good news is my Apple Music issue is fixed. Let’s hope it stays that way.

The wife and I were going to go see a movie together this afternoon. We opted to stay home and binge season 2 of Queer Eye instead.

Last year, iOS 11 Dev Beta 2 was released 2 weeks after Beta 1, and the Public Beta was a day or two after. If that holds true this year, we should see an iOS 12 Public Beta next week. In years past, I’ve put one iPad on the beta leaving my phone and one iPad on the current version. With MeMoji though, I have a feeling it will be phone and 10.5” iPad on iOS 12, and the 12.9” staying on 11.

Previously unreleased videos (Part II: Synapse 25 and Western Flyer) - TOM BIHN Bags Blog

I could watch these videos of people packing Tom Bihn bags all day. Related: I want all the Tom Bihn bags.

So you can’t login to iTunes Connect from an iOS device? Cool, cool, cool.

I love everything about this sign at my school.

As someone who almost never has cash on me, vending machines that take Apple Pay feel like magic.

📺 3 episodes in to Netflix’s Lost in Space, and holy cow. So good.

Moving The Class Nerd

I have officially started the process of moving my blog, The Class Nerd, from Squarespace to I have struggled with squarespace for a long time as an iOS only user, and as has matured as a platform, it has become more and more powerful. That, combined with the ability for me to post content directly to from Drafts 5, has let me to moving.

I currently have @theclassnerd set up here on, and I have just moved the domain over.

If you are subscribed to The Class Nerd via RSS, you’ll need to use the new feed (or JSON feed). If you follow me on and want to continue to see my posts about education technology, you should follow @theclassnerd. All posts via The Class Nerd will also go to The Class Nerd twitter account. will continue as my personal blog covering everything from Apple to foster care to Star Wars. All posts about how I get my work done as a teacher using iOS will be on The Class Nerd. Follow along even if you’re not a teacher though. Hopefully it’s still useful.

I have a lot of stuff planned for The Class Nerd in the next few weeks, and having it hosted here on enables a lot of that. I’m excited for what the future holds.

13/10 Will love forever

First lightning bugs of the summer

Everyone Has A Story - Brené Brown

To know pain is human. To need is human. And, no amount of money, influence, resources, or sheer determination will change our physical, emotional, and spiritual dependence on others.

Many of us are willing to extend a helping hand, but we’re very reluctant to reach out for help when we need it ourselves. It’s as if we’ve divided the world into “those who offer help” and “those who need help.” The truth is that we are both.  Need is the most beautiful compact between humans.

I’ve written a script in Drafts 5 that works as a Module switcher to let you select which Workspace, keyboard, and Action list you wish to activate based on what activity you are doing in Drafts.

I’ve already made a basic Module Switcher action using today’s Drafts 5.2 update. I want to make some tweaks before I share it, but this is another huge step forward for Drafts.

The bunny I posted about here is apparently a mommy or daddy because I just saw the tiniest baby bunny in my yard. Sadly it ran away before I could get a picture though.

What is one of the first things a nerdy teacher does on summer vacation? Reread David Allen’s GTD as a tune up for next year.

Report: Multiple faces for Face ID, and Face ID for iPad - Six Colors

This leads directly into another tidbit: developer Guilherme Rambo uncovered the UI for Face ID in the iPad build of iOS 12, lending credence that a tablet with the feature might appear later this year.

This makes me feel good about my post Thoughts on New iPad Hardware at WWDC. My thoughts on iOS 12 having the needed Face ID software for iPads seem to have been accurate.

My WiFi-only 12.9” iPad Pro cannot stream Apple Music. It can only play downloaded music. I can’t find a setting that has been changed anywhere. 10.5” and iPhone X are both fine. Anyone have thoughts or suggestions? Anyone else seeing this? Is it a bug or user error?