Craig McClellan's microblog Photo Challenge Day 7: Shadow. This has been a fun week. Some of my pictures have been better than others, but I’ve enjoyed trying to improve my photography skills.

I’ve always known this about myself, but hadn’t named it until learning the Enneagram this year.

HomePod, nooooo! I was so excited.

By popular demand, a more smiley avatar.

I hope to write a longer post about the Enneagram personality typing system and how it’s causing me to rethink a lot of what I do. For now though, this episode of Typology had me nailed and almost in tears. Photo Challenge Day 6: Seasonal. It’s finally hoodie season, and the Upgrade hoodie is my favorite.

I’m tempted more and more every day to move from Todoist to Things 3. Someone talk me in or out of it. Photo Challenge Day 4: Liquid

Bonus post for today: Up close with my girl Macy. Photo Challenge Day 4: Up Close

If I hide alerts for a conversation on my phone, why does it not hide them on my watch? Alerts there are so much more obvious. Photo Challenge Day 3: On the Move. I’ve been working out at Iron Tribe Fitness for over a year, and have been too scared to try Power Snatches until today. 95 lbs on a new movement? I’ll take it. Photo Challenge Day 2: Tasty. Congrats on your small group bake-off win @austinbharrison.

These girls are the best.

Man I love college football. Can’t wait for the Iron Bowl in 2 weeks. WDE.

Fun day at the Nashville zoo with my girls and the iPhone X camera.

Finally updating my wife’s laptop to High Sierra so she can take advantage of the new image formats from her iPhone 8. 🤞it goes well and she doesn’t divorce me. Photo Challenge Day 1: Today’s Theme is Squares. This is historic Franklin, TN’s town square right before the Veterans Day parade yesterday. I couldn’t resist taking this a day early because the scene was so great.

3 of my students ran 3 miles in 25 minutes at our school’s annual Fun Run, and my class got the most laps in 2nd grade. Proud of my kids.

It’s funny how much I’ve enjoyed 280 characters on, but how much I hate it on Twitter.