A road trip with @austinbharrison, meeting my favorite podcasters, winning a round of mini golf, changing a tire on the side of I-40 at midnight. Successful adventure.

Binge watching 3 year old seasons of reality tv shows on Netflix feels weird, but I have become addicted to The Great British Baking Show.

I’m currently in Starbucks, and there are 2 12.9” iPad Pros, my 10.5”, and one Mac. iPad users are slowly taking over! Also interesting to note that I’m the youngest iPad user, and all iPads have a Smart Keyboard attached.

“Mr. M, I’ve tried to hold it in all day, but I can’t anymore. You just do not look good in sandals.” - 2nd Grade honesty

I couldn’t stand having different multitasking methods on my two iPads anymore. The beta is stable enough now. I’m moving my 12.9 to iOS 11.

It seems the only issue I’m going to have with the Casper is getting out of it in the morning because it’s so comfortable. The hype is true.

I’m a little too excited to open this thing up. Also, I went with Ungeniused in the “What podcast do I support when I order my Casper?” game.

I have such fond memories of riding in the car with my grandpa listening to Rhinestone Cowboy. It’s a piece of what made me love music so much. RIP Glen. You’ll be missed.

I’m using my 12.9” iPad a lot more now that I’m back at my desk in my classroom…and I’m starting to be tempted to update it to 11. I keep ending up in Control Center when I want the dock. Must. Resist.