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Apps and Cloud are redefining Computing – Tech.pinions

Carolina Milanesi:

Our studies have shown that Millennials are all about being able to get to the applications they use every day. So do more engaged, experienced users. Both groups also embrace cloud services more eagerly. The combination of these two factors, apps and cloud, allows them to focus on the computing experience they want to have rather than focusing on the hardware they are using.

This doesn’t allow me to be hardware indifferent though. It allows me to use the hardware I enjoy using the most (iOS devices), and still get work done in a school district that exclusively uses Office365.

I’m an iOS only teacher who has to use OneDrive for all my work materials. It’s hard to overstate, even after just one day, what a big deal Files and Drag and Drop support is in OneDrive. It’s a total game changer for almost everything I do.

Student: “Mr. M, you’re a great rapper.”

Day. Made.

OneDrive for iOS Updated with Drag and Drop on iPad, A New Design, and More – MacStories This gets the biggest finally ever from me.

How is Donald Glover so good at everything? That Grammy performance, then we see him as Lando Calrissian in May? 😱

Jay-Z: Therapists should be in schools - CNN Video - Yes.

My school is having Passport Day today in conjunction with Vanderbilt Fellows. People from all over the world are sharing about their home countries with my 2nd graders. I love students having a global perspective.

Doing a lot of crowdsourcing here lately. I apologize. Does anyone know if/how you can upload 4K HEVC videos to Instagram? I set my wife’s iPhone 8 to record at that spec, and she can’t upload now.

Doing Hour of Code with one of my students after school today.

Wow. iOS 11.3 Health Records look like they could be game changers for everyone. I hope medical organizations get on board quickly.

If you’re a 90s kid like me who was aware of the Kerrigan/Harding scandal, but didn’t know the details, today’s episode of The Daily is fascinating.

My 2-year-old just booed me in disagreement, so I’m basically winning at parenting.

On iOS, why do certain PDFs load fully in Safari, and some load like this?

Microsoft refusing to put release notes in the App Store is infuriating. Drag and Drop came to office yesterday, and I had no idea until I opened Excel this morning.

I have the basic structure of my ultimate JavaScript script for Drafts 5 finished. There is a bug, likely a misplaced bracket, somewhere in the code, and I cannot find it for the life of me. If anyone wants to have mercy on my tired soul and look at it, I would greatly appreciate it.

As someone who is decidedly not a programmer, I have spent the better part of 3 days writing a JavaScript Action for Drafts 5 to get info from Airtable using their API, give me prompts about that data, and then send my draft to Airtable based on the selections I’ve made. The amount of time I’ve spent on this will never be returned by the time it saves me, and I still have a few more hours to put into it…but it’s been so dang fun.

“I can do it by myself. Don’t follow me.” 😭😭😭

Had to have an electrician come out for the Caséta, but in an hour he fixed that and a ton of other electrical work I was going to do that would have taken me days. Sometimes it’s worth it to pay professionals instead of DIYing.

In all of my snow days, I’ve been binging Great News on Hulu. I have to say, it started slow, but I love it. It’s not 30 Rock caliber yet, but it’s that style of humor.