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I just heard my 3.5 year old tell my wife “Let’s watch something else on Netflix.” I expect our Parents of the Year Award will arrive soon.

I really wish the explorer face showed something in the cellular indicator area when the watch isn’t using cellular.

2nd Grader in response to seeing this guy in the park by our playground:

“Mr. M, there’s a guy over there sunbathing. In the wild. It’s gross.”

I broke my longest daily streak in Todoist yesterday, can I go home now?

These girls are ready for the night of their lives at Peppa Pig Live!

Reminded of this video as I’m eating at a Greek restaurant in the south today.

The more I use iWork on iOS, the more frustrated I get. So many common tasks have had extra steps added for no apparent reason.

We’ve been fostering our girls for almost 20 months. The oldest (3.5 years old) has become obsessed with looking at photo memories on my iPad, and I get teary every time both because of how good the memory videos are and because of how much they’ve grown.

There really is something about blogging and pushing to Twitter instead of tweeting that causes me to rethink the quality of my posts.

AirPod pairing has become a hot mess on 11.0.1. They either won’t connect or unpair constantly, but pair and play inside the case.

I’m not sure why Apple removed the tap the file name to rename functionality while in an iWork document, but I miss it.

I’ve had a lot of stuff backed up in my Todoist for the last week or two. This feels really good.

Grading some papers at a coffee shop and really digging the new Macklemore album.

The new sexy.

My original Apple Watch on its first day of duty and its last. It’s been with me as I started teaching at my school, became a dad, and started exercising. I’m oddly sentimental right now.

Any day with a new Killers record is a great day.

I complete agree with Alex’s overview of the Siri watch face. It has yet to surface useful info for me.

Is there a way in the iOS 11 App Store on iPad to find In-App Purchase info? I can find it on app pages on iPhone, but not iPad.

Without knowing the technical reasons why this is happening, how much of a fit can we throw to make Apple reverse it?