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I hope iOS 12’s photo sharing is smart enough to offer to share photos of my kids with my wife. I’m worried it will only offer to share with the people in the photos.

iOS 12: The MacStories Overview – MacStories

Finally, there’s a new type of notification in iOS 12 designed for critical information. This opt-in alert will notify you even when Do Not Disturb is engaged. One use case Apple mentions for this feature is getting important reports from your healthcare provider, but it’s unclear if these new ‘critical alerts’ will be limited to certain app types, or if any app will be able to take advantage of them.

I didn’t catch this in other coverage today. I’m excited about the possibilities of this feature.

The Drafts action was only working intermittently. I’ve updated it now, and it should work. Add it here.

I created a quick Drafts 5 action for live tweeting the WWDC keynote. It automatically adds the hashtag #WWDC18 and then tweets.

FBI agent loses his gun during dance-floor backflip, accidentally shoots bar patron - CNN

This headline and video. 😱

Since I taught second grade last year and haven’t started teaching third grade yet, do I refer to myself as a rising third-grade teacher?

What should have been a 7.5 hour drive with small children turned into a 12 hour drive. I’ve never been so happy to be home.

I have discovered my least favorite place on planet earth, and it is the Zaxby’s in Andalusia, AL. It’s where all dreams go to die.

Family Vacation 2018


Water babes


Beach time before Alberto hits


Tail end of Alberto, Fonville Press: Great coffee and they were nice to my kids, and finally more beach time.


Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law!



Dance Party at The Hub


Bye beach

My WWDC Wishlist

Since it seems to be the cool thing to do right now, here’s my wishlist for Monday (in no particular order):

  • 3rd Party Siri Watch Face Access
  • A way to play podcasts via Overcast on the HomePod
  • Whatever Marco needs to put Overcast on my Apple Watch
  • HomePod multi-user support
  • Though I don’t think it’s likely, I would still love to see an iPhone X style iPad Pro
  • Files app improvements (better search, favorites syncing and not being forgotten)
  • Workflow update or integration with iOS
  • A way to access programmatically (so apps like Drafts and Workflow can append to specific notes without the share sheet)
  • Keyboard shortcuts to enter iPad multitasking
  • More granular notification management-especially for Apple Watch.
  • Consolidation of Control Center gestures
  • Better iCloud Photos Family Sharing
  • Improvements to Siri

That’s the list, and I feel like it’s fairly reasonable. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of this announced along with some fun surprises.

Daring Fireball: 10 Strikes and You’re Out — the iOS Feature You’re Probably Not Using But Should

I had no idea this was how the passcode feature worked. Enabling now in all devices.

Fighting the opioid and foster crisis by supporting families - The Hill

While it is wonderful that many Americans become foster parents to adopt or “save” children, we need wrap-around supports in local communities, and we need families now more than ever before who are willing to foster children for a period of time while parents overcome addiction. To stop negative societal trends that are ravaged by drug addiction, we need an “all hands on deck” approach to help vulnerable children in our own backyards.  

I agree with Senator Lankford that all families impacted by foster care need support and I believe reunification is important. We have fostered multiple children who were reunified, and it was a beautiful thing.

I also think foster children should have a right to permanency. At what point does sticking with a goal of reunification begin to hurt a child’s wellbeing? If a 2.5 year old has been with foster parents over 2 years, how much more harmful would reunification be to the child than staying with the only family they know?

The foster care system is broken in so many ways, and it’s always the kids who are the victims.

My Own Personal Youtube Comments - @megan

I love the writing, honesty, and truth in this post.

Everyone Needs to Calm Down About Solo’s Box Office Performance

Obviously, the studio has to be looking at Solo and trying to figure out what more it could have done to better promote the film, but if you think that this hiccup is the beginning of Star Wars’ demise… well, you must be new here.

Agenda looks like it could be a really interesting app for lesson planning. I’ve downloaded it and will give it a shot.

📽 In case anyone is wondering, Solo totally holds up to a second viewing. Such a great movie.

Alberto Memorial Day = Solo Round 2.

Thoughts on New iPad Hardware at WWDC

Apple blogs and podcasts are all predicting new iPad Pros released next week at WWDC. While I would love for this to happen and will be first in line to get an iPhone X style iPad, I don’t think we’re going to get them for 2 reasons.

First, there’s the lack of leaks. While this is not a perfect indicator due to Apple’s increased focus on privacy, I still find it hard to believe they’ve come so far since the massive leaks surrounding iPhone X last fall. I feel like we would have seen supply chain leaks of form factors for new iPads with no bezels if they are coming. This suggests either the new iPad Pros will just be a speed bump to include the A11X processor with no form factor change or new form factors won’t be released until the fall.

The other factor which makes me think not until the fall is Face ID. Currently on iPhone X, Face ID only works in portrait mode. For an iPad which is rotated far more than an iPhone, facial recognition in both orientations is a necessity. This seems to me like a feature that would come to iOS in a major .0 update rather than say iOS 11.5. I also don’t think they would release iPads with this feature and not add it to iPhone X. So my thought is multi-orientation Face ID will be announced as part of iOS 12 next week. Then in September when new iPhones are announced, new iPad Pros will also be announced that take advantage of this feature.

This is just a guess, and I really hope to be proven wrong. However I wanted to put it out into the world just for the bragging rights just in case.

I will not argue with my in-laws about the Apple battery “scandal.” I will not argue with my in-laws about the Apple battery “scandal.” I will not argue with my in-laws about the Apple battery “scandal.”

Last lunch with the world’s best team. We’ve been through a ton together, and haven’t always agreed on everything. But man have we had fun and served a lot of kids. I’ve learned so much from them, and will miss working with them every day.