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Just a reminder to bring your watch charger with you to work today if you don’t normally.

The pilot of “The Orville” showed promise. Episode 2 was so bad I won’t consider watching any more.

Though I’ve been running iOS 11 since June, tomorrow is even better because of big app updates. Most hoping to see drag and drop in Ulysses and iWork as well as Files support in OneDrive.

Once my Panobook arrives, I’m considering making it a Bullet Journal for my lesson plans. Anyone have experience with this?

I actually really like the red dot…

Teaching Cause and Effect to 2nd Graders:

Me: If I eat 2 whole pizzas, what might be an effect (the expected answer was “You would feel sick). Student: You would have a huge mess in the bathroom.

One of my favorite teaching moments ever.

Apple Watch 42mm Space Grey Series 3 with Cellular for me. iPhone 8 64 GB Gold for my wife.

Having my favorite evil weather bot in AR is my new favorite thing.

As someone who has been on a Stainless Steel Series 0 Apple Watch, is the glass on the aluminum models that much more scratchable? Considering going black aluminum for Series 3.

If you missed it last night, I was a guest on a podcast! Thanks so much to Robby Burns for having me on to talk automation in the classroom.

In all seriousness, even knowing the iPhone X was coming, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus made me want to update. I’ll get an X, but well done Apple.

I only saw the first hour of the Apple event on lunch and recess break. Did I miss anything in the 2nd half?

Todoist has made public that they have a beta of iOS 11 Siri support, so I don’t feel bad sharing this: adding tasks to my task manager via Siri is a game changer.

And here we go.

I updated an old workflow of mine to remind myself to have students make up or retake assignments. Hope it’s helpful to others.

Sean McConnell has been my favorite singer/songwriter for over a decade. Yesterday he released an acoustic version of his latest record, and it is just gorgeous.

I wonder why…

I like this post by Jason Snell, and hope that a lot of the newer software I use today finds a way to stick around this long as well.

Foster parenting is strange in many ways, but seeing your personality start to come out in kids you didn’t make is one of the strangest. Our jokes. Our ways of doing things. No matter what happens with these girls, we’ve left a mark.

The new Star Wars Darth Vader comics are really good. They’re set right after Episode III. It’s a really interesting look at the character.