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Is there good documentation anywhere for Javascript HTTP requests like there is for Python’s requests library?

Another snow day, but my kids are in daycare and I have a beta of Drafts 5 to mess with? Yes please!

Dinner by Hue Lamp and fiber optic Christmas tree because I killed all the kitchen lights.

For those of you following my Lutron Caseta adventure, I was wrong about everything working. It’s been over 48 hours and 3-4 different attempts to get it wired with no success. Lesson: Smart technology, amateur electricians, and 32 year old homes with janky wiring don’t mix.

Snow day number 4 tomorrow Plus MLK day means a week out of school. I’m growing tired of being at home.

After nearly 48 hours trapped in the house due to snow and illness, the natives are getting restless.

That Ataris album was the first I put in my car when I got my license. Weird to be reminded of them by a Real Estate Scam.

Two trips to Lowe’s later, we have light in all of our kitchen. 🙌

So much fun having a friendly debate about task management apps on the latest episode of the Robby Burns and Friends podcast.

Took some time on my wife is out of town to install a Lutron Caseta wireless light switch in our kitchen. It works great, but now the other lights in the kitchen don’t work. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Praying I get it fixed before she comes home tomorrow.

While we were the only non-college girls in the theater, the wife and I thoroughly enjoyed The Greatest Showman. If you like musical theater, you’ll like it.

Absolutely loved Letterman’s interview of President Obama. The picture of humility and kindness which are both desperately needed today.

The snow may have been sparse, but we weren’t complaining about the snow day!

If you’ve never tried to buy groceries in the south the day before a “large snow,” you’re missing out on a true adventure.

It’s official. This is me tomorrow. Ok, not really, but I am excited to play in the snow with my girls.

Today’s update to Gladys has it back in the dock of my iPads. Every time it or Yoink get an update, I swap them out. Man the icon is ugly though.

Alabama is the worst.

2nd Grade Fitbit Update: My students now sit shaking their hands constantly to inflate their step counts. I’m not in love with it.

Obvious headline is obvious.

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place with my Squarespace usage for The Class Nerd. It’s so affordable and I don’t have to fiddle with design, but as someone who works from iOS only, that experience is miserable.