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I will not argue with my in-laws about the Apple battery “scandal.” I will not argue with my in-laws about the Apple battery “scandal.” I will not argue with my in-laws about the Apple battery “scandal.”

Last lunch with the world’s best team. We’ve been through a ton together, and haven’t always agreed on everything. But man have we had fun and served a lot of kids. I’ve learned so much from them, and will miss working with them every day.

When I started teaching, all I wanted was to teach 2nd Grade at this school. It was a huge moment the first time I stepped into this room and it was my 2nd Grade room. 3 years later I’m moving out and up to 3rd grade. New adventures will be fun, but this room will be missed.

When friends who bonded over their love of Star Wars finally get to see one together in a theater.

SOLO! So good!

Time for Solo!

John Mayer - New Light (Premium Content!)

If you need a little joy in your life today, this music video should do it.

Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test! (2018) - MKBHD

While I’m not a professional photographer and don’t know exactly what to look for, I was pleasantly surprised the iPhone X won out for me with the S9+ at a close second. Something about it suited my taste.

This group of 4th graders was my first class (for a full year), and now they’re off to middle school. So proud of them and to have been their teacher. Also, it’s Wacky Wednesday. Don’t mind the outfits.

It’s our final full day of the school year, and we’re having a game day in my classroom. Some students are playing Apples to Apples, and it’s hilarious to hear them question each of the cards. “Denzel Washington? Who is Denzel Washington?”

I guess I’ll have to own up to my words now.

Gemini Photos Declutters Your Photo Library – MacStories

I’m all for productivity apps or apps with server components having a subscription. A utility I would use every 6 months or so for 10 minutes doesn’t warrant $12 a year though. If Gemini was a five dollar single purchase (even potentially 10 because the design is so nice), I would pick it up immediately.

I’m not a developer, nor do I want to be. I appreciate the difficulties they face though and hope they can find the right balance of pricing and value to be successful. I also hope Gemini is valuable enough to others for it to be a worthwhile endeavor for Mac Paw. When great apps succeed, it’s better for everyone. It’s just not going to be the tool for me.

The Arrested Development Season 4 remix is so much better than the original version. Can’t wait for season 5.

🎵 Ben Rector - I Will Always Be Yours

Man can this dude write a catchy pop song.

But I don’t believe God is ever honored by our burnout, even on behalf of the worthiest of efforts.

Chris Heuertz - “The Sacred Enneagram”

I gave up using Day One a year ago because I felt like my journaling had more depth with pen and paper… but I didn’t ever journal. So I’ve brought Day One back. Regular, but more shallow journaling is better than not at all, right?

Let’s go.

Workflow: Menus, Lists & Dictionaries - Rosemary Orchard

If you’re wanting to move your use of Workflow from beginner to intermediate, this is a fantastic article to get you started.

While today’s episode of Revisionist History was interesting in and of itself, the Uber ad about making the company better for everyone was the most interesting part. Bozoma St. John at work?

After hearing people on @monday talking about their first blogs, I looked and my Livejournal from high school and first year of college (when Apple released iWeb!) is still online. How I had any friends at that point in my life is beyond me.