It’s certainly shocking to get a notification saying your wife is on Mac Power Users.

(This is sadly not my Laura McClellan)

Saturday morning art class with my girl.

🎵 Kelly Clarkson - Never Enough

She betta sing.

I love the idea of this The Greatest Showman Reimagined album. Can’t wait for the rest of it to drop next week.

Thinking about starting a family pizza restaurant. These girls are pros.

That’s a new take on release notes.

Family portrait (before I box up and ship off the outer 2 two). This is one of the most incredible devices I’ve ever held.

First post from the new iPad, and I’m in love. Pictures and more in depth thoughts to come.

I remember when the iPad Air 2 came out, people were astounded and confused by the amount of power (especially RAM) packed into it vs what iOS could do. The next summer, Apple announced iOS 9 with multitasking, and it all made sense. The hardware was prepared to take on the next big software evolution.

As someone who does his job from an iPad Pro now (and has a new one on the way), I do want more out of iOS. However, I am not going to be up in arms about it because I expect we’ll see some game changing at WWDC.

I’m not excusing Apple for some missteps with iOS on iPad. It should be more capable in a lot of ways by now. But I’m also choosing to be optimistic this can and will change. Probably next year.

A girl and her dog.

🏈 We may not be great this year, but a win over an SEC West opponent? I’ll take it. War Eagle! 🦅

Had the most fun I’ve had in a while just going on a simple walk around the neighborhood with my 3-year-old. She’s something special.


For some reason, over a year after Apple switched to using the HEVC file format for video recording, Instagram still doesn’t allow users to upload videos encoded with it. I don’t personally use Instagram, but occasionally I take a video with my phone that my wife ends up wanting to post to her story.

I created this Shortcut for her to run if she ever gets a video she cannot upload. It encodes the video as a .mov file, then deletes the original HEVC version from the photo library so there aren’t duplicates.

My wife is not the kind of person who cares about automating things on her iPhone, but Shortcuts is still allowing us to solve a real problem on her device with the touch of a button.

I hope use cases like this get non-techy people excited about the potential for Shortcuts and what you can do on iOS in general.

Me: “Alexander Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton. And there’s a million things I haven’t done. Just you wait. Just you wait.”

Student response: “Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never never leave.”


📺 I just noticed Tosin Cole making shadow puppets in the background of a scene in this week’s episode of Doctor Who, and I’m even happier about this Team TARDIS than I was before.

Janet and Jason hope everyone had a dope Halloween! (Picture taken by a 4-year-old)

12.9" iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio Apple Pencil All the USB-C Dongles 💵💵💵😭 So excited though.

Happy 8th Anniversary @laura_mcclellan! Thanks for marrying me love.

📺 Well, if A Very Wicked Halloween wasn’t delightful, I don’t know what is. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed musical theater geeking out together.

One of the biggest disadvantages to the multipad lifestyle is having to have different homescreen layouts due to the smaller dock on the 10.5" Pro. I’m hoping a smaller footprint 12.9" will replace both my iPads.

The weather was terrible, but we went to the Dia de los Muertos celebration at Cheekwood today. My family is pretty adorable.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from children’s literature, it’s that there is no end to the amount of stories you can tell using the words bear, chair, and words that rhyme with those.


While I use this site primarily for microposts, I host my blog and podcast, @theclassnerd, here on as well. There I post longer form content that includes multiple images which has never been easy with hosted sites, especially as an iOS only user.

I’ve finally put together something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, a combination of Drafts actions and workflows to upload images and mp3s to using the micropub API. The Drafts actions then insert the markdown for the image or html for the audio into my Draft right where the cursor is.

I’ve been posting everything I possibly can from Drafts since the Drafts 5 beta launched. Now, I really can do all of my posting there.

Special thanks to @manton for adapting’s implementation of the micropub API so that the URLs don’t just come back through the response header (which Workflow can’t see), but also in JSON so I can extract it.

You can get all of my actions and workflows here:

Note: To run the workflows, you will need an app token from your account.

Updated 2019-03-17: Workflow links now no longer work in the age of Shortcuts. here are the updated links for the Shortcuts (the Drafts Actions should still work fine):